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We are the ruemens

Parodie de: "We are the champions" - Queen

I've never worked
Day after day
Never done "threads" and "forks"
I on and on played

And the TPs
I've made a few
I've looked at the window,
To stare at the mountains
And then I jumped through

Refrain: We are the ruemens, my friend
We'll keep on slacking till the end
We are the ruemens
We are the ruemens
No time for winners,
Cause we are the loosers...
Of the world...!

We tried to do all
But never won
So we started playing Bomberman, Mariokart, Blobby and everything that goes with it...
We thank them all...
And clever men
We don't care at all
We keep being what
We just can be
until our goal!


Les Ruemens.